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5 Mistakes That Kill Small Business Websites

Here is a list of common mistakes we see in small business websites - ranging from slight edits to improve your conversion rate (#3!) to big, need to be addressed ASAP kind of problems such as #2. If you're guilty of any of these, don't be discouraged. It happens. It...

Speeding up WordPress

A fast WordPress site is important. If your site becomes too slow, it will not only impact your users, but it can also slow down your admin panel — and who wants that? There are many reasons having a fast WordPress site is beneficial, but for me, the biggest reasons...

RI Small Business guide to Web Design, Graphic Design, And Marketing

This article is to serve as a guide to small businesses throughout Rhode Island on navigating the sometimes complex world of Web Design, Graphic Design, and Marketing. I will be discussing the importance and role of each for small businesses in RI. Graphic Design:...

Keeping your WordPress site secure

In this article I will give some pointers on how you can prevent a security breach, and avoid being another statistic. Stay up to date Personally, I believe the most important aspect of security is staying up to date. Realize that a cyber attack can come from any...

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Your password is probably easy to guess

Your password is probably easy to guess

In today’s day and age, choosing a secure password has never been more important. Using different passwords for all your accounts is crucial, too. If you don’t take security seriously, you will eventually get hacked - and if you are running a business, this could be...

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