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5 Mistakes That Kill Small Business Websites

Here is a list of common mistakes we see in small business websites - ranging from slight edits to improve your conversion rate (#3!) to big, need to be addressed ASAP kind of problems such as #2. If you're guilty of any of these, don't be discouraged. It happens. It...

Speeding up WordPress

A fast WordPress site is important. If your site becomes too slow, it will not only impact your users, but it can also slow down your admin panel — and who wants that? There are many reasons having a fast WordPress site is beneficial, but for me, the biggest reasons...

RI Small Business guide to Web Design, Graphic Design, And Marketing

This article is to serve as a guide to small businesses throughout Rhode Island on navigating the sometimes complex world of Web Design, Graphic Design, and Marketing. I will be discussing the importance and role of each for small businesses in RI. Graphic Design:...

Keeping your WordPress site secure

In this article I will give some pointers on how you can prevent a security breach, and avoid being another statistic. Stay up to date Personally, I believe the most important aspect of security is staying up to date. Realize that a cyber attack can come from any...

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What Makes Google So Great?

What Makes Google So Great?

Isn’t it crazy how in the past years our entire world shifted online? I bet you are one of the millions of people who just "Google" something up when it comes to searching for information online. There’s no doubt that Google is the most popular search engine in the...

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